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Ways to Reconnect with Your Kids



  • Tell your child that he/she is your favourite 3 year old.
  • Say that you appreciate them. This can help build their self-confidence.
  • Talk about both of your days and make it a point to create plans together.
  • Make sure that the first thing that they hear in the morning is that you love them.
  • The number of times you say “yes” should be higher compared to the times you say “no.”
  • Tell them that you love them at least 5 times or more in the day.


  • Make eye contact with your kid whenever they’re talking to you.
  • Ask more questions about their stories. This way, you are helping them become more confident about themselves.
  • Go down so you will be in level with them.
  • Encourage your child to tell more about what they’ve been doing and others.

Pay Attention

  • Watch your children as they play.
  • Stop nit-picking and always choose your battle.
  • Put your phone down and turn off your PC. You should give your kids your undivided attention.
  • Notice all the good things they have done.
  • Pay attention more on their feelings instead of what they’ve done.


  • Make sure that you are having genuine fun.
  • Wrestle with your child.
  • Be silly with your child.
  • Put down your work and play with your kid.
  • Have parties where everyone can dance.
  • Be messy. Don’t be afraid to get dirty with your child. They will love you more for it.
  • Play with your kid outside.


  • Touch their shoulder whenever you talk to them.
  • Cuddle with your child along with good books to read.
  • Always give hugs throughout the day.

These are just examples on how you can stay connected with your child as they grow up. There will be times when you’re good at reconnecting and there will be those days when you’re not. What’s important is that you make a conscious effort to focus more on reconnecting with your child because, aside from building a special bond with them, you are also fostering good feelings all around. Try the tips mentioned above and start improving your relationship with your children.