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Useful Baby Advice For New Moms


What you will read on are pieces of advice from moms and dads gathered just for you. Take time and read on these tips that will make life easier for you and your baby. Make good use of the advice on baby raising below.


On Diapers


Pre-fold diapers are best used as split rags even if you are not into cloth diapering. Pre-fold diapers absorb better than what is commercially sold as split rags.


On Sleep

Sleep the deciding factor between a productive day and an exhaustive day with kids. One rule to keep in mind is balance. If a kid wakes up too early, you can always designate an earlier bedtime for them.


On Bibs

Teething babies drool all the time. Buy bibs that have plastic backsides. This way, their chest will not get chapped because of the drool.


On Medicine Droppers

Since children learn with routines and association, giving them medicine droppers with water early on will make giving them medicine later easier.


On Feeding


Stay free from dirty laundry and feed your kid naked. This way, you save time with those dirty laundry.


On Waterproof Rags

Hospitals use waterproof rags. You may want to bring home as many as allowed. This is most useful especially on wet nights, when the diapers soak through the pajamas. Using waterproof rags will help you with keeping a dry bed for your baby. Layer the crib sheets on the bed with the waterproof rags in between.


On Nails

Biting their fingernails and toenails is one way to trim them. Children have certain disgust on clippers. They will avoid it at all cost.


On Tickles

To make sure that they are awake as you nurse them, It is best to tickle their feet.


On Baths

Test the water’s temperature with your elbow. If the elbow can’t take the temperature, it is most probably too hot for the baby as well.


On Gas

Pump the baby’s legs like when cycling. Do this while the baby is laid on her back, across the legs of the mother.


You have just gained a ton of insights that will make your life as moms and dads easier. Keep them in mind apply them as soon as the need requires for them.





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