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Twenty things a mom should tell to her son

  1. You should be the one to set the tone on any sexual relationship which means you shouldn’t be taking anything that you won’t be able to give back.
  2. Start saving money even when you’re young. This way, you’ll always have money when you need it.
  3. Learn how to pray to become a spiritual leader.
  4. Your education and knowledge can’t be taken away from you.
  5. You should be proud of how you look.
  6. A woman will be able to do the things that you can do including having a career and you having to change soiled diapers in the wee hours of the morning. Respecting one another is a good way to maintain a lasting relationship.
  7. Your private parts are best kept private as their name suggests. Don’t scratch them when you’re in public.
  8. Bringing flowers unexpectedly is always a great idea.
  9. Having a sense of humor is effective in the process of healing.
  10. Don’t forget to call your mother as she will miss you.
  11. Play some sport. This will teach you how to win with honor, lose graciously, have some respect for authority figures, learn time management, and avoid trouble at all costs. Perhaps you’ll learn how to catch or throw.
  12. Aim carefully whenever you pee. Keep in mind that someone has to clean that up.
  13. Learn how to use the oven, iron, broom, mop, vacuum, washing machine, and dishwasher.
  14. Don’t ever bully someone and never start a fight. However, if someone punches you, start defending yourself.
  15. Make sure that you treat women right and kindly. Forever is a very long time to be alone and it can actually be twice that long if you’re with someone who hates you.
  16. Be tender and strong.
  17. Saying “yes, sir” and “yes, ma’am” can still go a long way.
  18. It’s still better to be kind compared to being right.
  19. Peer pressure is always scary. You should be a good leader at all times and others will follow you.
  20. Choose your wife carefully.