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Tips to make bathing fun for babies


Bathing your baby can be stressful and scary sometimes, but your baby doesn’t like it as much either. Bathing a slippery baby can be backbreaking especially if you have an uncomfortable bathing space. In time it will become natural to you and your baby. So natural that it tends to get boring. Add a little fun for you and your baby by following these tips.


Tips to Make Bathing Fun for Babies:

Bathing Al Fresco

–      Enjoy a little bit of fresh air with your bundle of joy. Use your baby’s inflatable pool as your make shift bath tub. Place your pool in your backyard and give your baby a cool and refreshing bath outside. A change in scenery will distract your baby and prevents him or her from flailing or wiggling too much. Add a few pool toys in your bath water, allowing your baby to play in an open environment can help boost the imagination.

 • Crazy Hair

–      Get your camera out and take some photos for your baby book. Pick a shampoo that is gentle on the skin and is a 100% natural. Play with your baby’s hair and let your imagination flow. Playing with your baby’s hair also helps with showing them affection and bonding.

 • Rainbow Water

–      Change the color of your water to bright pink or ocean blue. Let your imagination run wild. Using color in your bath will help the baby’s sensory experience. It will also help relax you; it has been proven that playing with colors relaxes the mind. Use a color that comes from a natural source and won’t turn your baby blue.


Shower Time

–      Baths are fun, but it is also important to slowly progress your child from baths to shower. Bathing can lose its appeal, showering your baby for the first time can be a little nerve racking. Just set your shower pressure lower, to prevent it from irritating your baby. Doing this a few times will help your child to adjust to showering by alone easier. Place a non-slip mat on your bathroom floor to prevent you and your baby from slipping.


Puppet Show

–      We have found amazing cotton washer that can also be used as a puppet. Use these amazing puppets to give a smile to your baby’s face. This is a great way to distract your baby and make them anticipate their next bath.


Join the Show

–      Constant kneeling and leaning over hurting your back? Double the fun by joining your baby’s bath. This can limit the space where your baby can play, but joining him or her in the tub is a lot more enjoyable for both of you. Baby’s love skin to skin contact.



Water Babies

–      Newborn babies are a lot tougher to bathe, but with a little practice you’ll get the hang of it. For your newborn baby though it van be different. It can take a long time for newborn babies to get accustomed to bathe time, but in no time your baby will start splashing and playing. In the meantime bathe them in shallow water and be very gentle. Watch them constantly and use products that are specifically made for baby’s skin.



–      A little Peek-a-Boo or hiding the soap can provide numerous contagious giggles in the bathroom. Clean your little once while playing with them. Hiding soaps or toys while playing will peak baby’s curiosity. This will help improve their sensory abilities.


Bond with your baby and have fun during bath time. Babies aren’t supposed to be washed every day; it can dry out their skin and make them prone to irritation. If you manage to be clean and consistent in changing their diaper, cleaning their face and removing dirt from the neck; then your baby doesn’t need to bathe every day.