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Super Green Baby Puree Recipe


What’s more fun and messy than introducing solid foods to growing babies? Some may say nothing but we know for a fact that it can be a messy thing indeed especially if you do not have any clue as to which brand baby food you should choose. The answer to your dilemma is simple—NONE.

Experts advise mothers, both new and experienced, to choose home-made purees instead of the bought-from-the-store kind of food if their babies already reached 6 months of age. By applying this, mothers can make sure that they feed only pure healthy and goodness to their little bundle of joy. Of course, your baby would still be relying only milk for most of his nutritional needs but introducing a new line of baby dishes to him is necessary. To do this, simply start with very few amounts of whatever you chose to be his first solid meal.

As they age, babies can also be fed more kinds of solid foods such as protein-rich ones, dairies, and, of course, vegetables and fruits. The best baby foods you prepare for him should contain fresh fruits and vegetables. Begin with a single fruit or vegetable, and then mix it up little by little. This way, you would not be wasting any food since many babies tend to spit out new foods especially if they have a wide array of tastes. Babies around 8 months old can handle combinations of fruits and vegetables cooked thoroughly. They barely have any teeth yet so make sure that these foods are soft, if not mushy enough that they only need to swallow.

Here’s a sample baby food recipe that is packed with nutrients from 2 kinds of green veggies and a fruit to give it a taste that your baby would surely love.


Super Green Baby Puree

  • Can be fed for babies 10 months old and up.
  • Makes about 1 cup of puree which is equal to 2 servings for your baby.

What you need:

  • 1 pc. Ripe kiwi
  • ½ cup broccoli
  • ½ cup fresh spinach


First, lightly steam the broccoli in a steam basket. While waiting for this to cook, peel the kiwi using a carrot peeler. Then, process the kiwi with the steamed broccoli and fresh spinach in the food processor. Blend until it reaches a smooth consistency. Add liquid (water) if necessary. Serve.