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Little Things You Do Online That Violate Your Child’s Privacy


Parents tend to be proud of our kids, a little too much sometimes. We live in an online universe, where anything you say or post can be seen by anyone. Kids like any other human being demand respect. We should be able to know where the line is between being a proud or worried parent and violating their privacy.

Here are little things that you do online that violate your child’s privacy:

•  Writing about their problems:

Telling everyone in your friends list how your kid reacted when they didn’t want to take a bath online is opening the gate for people to judge you. Your “friends” can have opinions on how you raise your child because you posted it in public for anybody to see. Imagine your kid writing about your tantrums at home? It’s not the same your say? “They’re kids, I’m an adult” you say? That’s exactly the point you are the adult, you should know better than to post problems or their tantrums in a public site.


•  Naked or Embarrassing pictures:

Well done on posting that embarrassing potty training picture of your child. You have just managed to make your kid hate you for the rest of their teenage life. Photos like naked baby pictures, embarrassing moments and potty training should be kept private. Those are picture you tend to look at when your kids are older and you want to embarrass them in front of their future wife or husband. Not the whole internet universe.


•  Accomplishments:

It’s great that you’re proud of your kids. It’s great that she got top of her class or she won her national spelling bee competition. What’s not so great is posting it online. Stop posting stuff like how your kid got high grades or how they manage to finish their relay race. Let your kids bask in their own glory. It is in their decision to keep it to themselves or share it with others.


•  Oversharing:

For the love everything good in this world, stop this! This can put you in hot water. Posting pictures of your kid’s school, their friend’s full name, or pictures of your kids in front of your home can make you susceptible to crime. This helps stalkers or thieves get to you and your children a lot easier. Again, privacy let your kid decide if they want certain information out in public, but if you as a parent think it’s a bad idea stop them.


•  Forcing them to Perform In front of a Camera:

Forcing your kid to say or do goofy things for a few likes and shares is violating their privacy. Your kid is not going to be an internet sensation if you keep pushing them, let it come naturally and ask them “Do you want me to post this video?” If they say yes then you have their consent to post it.


Teaching kids at an early age about privacy, respect and consent is important to their well-being. What you post online can haunt them to their adulthood, knowing where to draw the line is essential. Show them the amount of respect you want to get from them and respect their privacy


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