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Kids Constipation Tips


Constipation can be quite a common problem in children. Constipation is when someone has difficulty in passing stools which can cause a lot of discomfort, not to mention pain. It is almost always a result of the lack of fiber and water in the body. This problem can be corrected in children by means of providing them with a healthy diet, adequate amounts of fluid, exercise, proper toilet training and regular toilet habits. Constipation in infants requires immediate medical attention.

What causes constipation in children?

  1. Too much milk intake but lack of fiber in their bodies.
  2. A tear in the skin near the anus (fissure) can be a result of passing hard stools, which makes children delay going to the toilet because it may hurt them.
  3. They ignore the urge to go the toilet because they’re too busy playing.
  4. Some children may lack in exercise making it harder for them to pass stools.

How to prevent kids from being constipated:

  1. Ensure that they have a regular toilet routine.
  2. Give them ample time on the toilet—provide them with entertainment if need be.
  3. Ensure that they go poo regularly but don’t make them feel pressured.
  4. Encourage physical activity.
  5. Have water available always and encourage them to take sips of it throughout the day.
  6. Be careful with too much milk intake; it can quench thirst but may lead to constipation.
  7. Play tea parties to help encourage them to drink more water.
  8. Give them juice after meals (but make sure to have them brush their teeth after).
  9. Let them eat whole wheat breads.
  10. Give them fruit smoothies for breakfast. The fiber in it can help soften stools.
  11. Get creative and provide them with snacks with “hidden” apples or pears in it. Example: muffins
  12. Provide them with thick vegetable soups.
  13. Make them eat high-fiber cereals.
  14. Expose them to eating lots of broccoli, spinach and cauliflower.
  15. Give them fruits to munch on.