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How to Calm a Crying Baby


As a first-time mom, did you know that the average newborn spends about 2 hours a day crying? When a crying fit strikes, it can be heartbreaking for a mother but soon it may become an annoyance too. Fret not if it seems like your little bundle of joy refuses to calm down. Below are some simple tips and ticks to get him or her to stop crying soon.


Check All Possible Reasons

Usually, babies 3 months old and below cry when they need something. It’s very likely for your little one to be hungry or wet when he or she is crying. More often than not, a baby will stop crying as soon you provide what he or she needs.




Let Your Baby Hear Soothing Noises

No other sound on the planet can be more soothing to a baby that the singing or humming of his or her mother. You may also try gently talking to your newborn. It’s also possible for him or her to calm down upon hearing nature sounds, a running faucet, or white noise such as the hum of the vacuum cleaner or the sound a TV or radio set creates on static.


Try Gentle Movements

Carry your baby in your arms and dance or carefully swing him or her from side to side. Walk around the room or yard, or take a car ride. If you’re too exhausted to do these things, sit on the couch and gently bounce with your baby in your arms.


Give Him or Her a Massage or Bath

A massage can soothe a newborn if the crying is brought about by colic. If he or she is crying due to the humid weather, a bath can work wonders. However, it’s not a good idea to resort to any of them each time your little one has a crying fit.


Distract Your Little Bundle of Joy

Grab a colorful toy that makes a sound and distract him or her with it. You may also switch on a TV or ceiling fan and allow your baby’s attention to be sidetracked by it. It’s also a good idea to step foot outside the home for a change in scenery.

If none of these tips seems to work, refrain from shaking your baby out of frustration. Don’t let a crying fit get to your nerves. Calm yourself by putting your baby in the crib, and leaving the room momentarily to get some peace and quiet.




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