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Hiding Fruits & Veggies in Kids Food Tips


Children nowadays always prefer processed and fast foods over fruits and vegetables. But, did you know that if you don’t act now, your kids might be at risk of acquiring several diseases from eating such foods which contain high levels of sugar, sodium and trans fats?

If you are having a hard time feeding your kids healthy foods, you would certainly be benefitted from the following strategies in hiding nutritious fruits and vegetables in their favorite snacks:

  1. When preparing lasagna, spaghetti or other pasta recipes, add finely minced spinach or broccoli to its very cheesy sauce. The trick is to blend it thoroughly so that the children won’t be able to separate them or spit them out.
  2. If you have milder tasting greens such as peas or leeks, blend them in with white sauce. This goes perfectly with fish or white meat.
  3. Blend a small amount of cooked spinach into a strong-flavored garlic pesto.
  4. One of the perfect ways of making children consume fruits is through smoothies. To achieve a healthier smoothie, toss in any fruit into the blender with yoghurt, banana and orange juice and blend them together. Though more expensive compared to ready-made ones, this home-made smoothie is a much better addition to your children’s diet since they contain way more fiber and Vitamin C.
  5. Aside from being a luscious snack time food, muffins can also become a very healthy addition to your child’s diet especially when you include mashed banana, grated apple or orange zest into the mixture. You may also add red onions, spinach, carrots and red pepper for a nutrient-packed muffin.
  6. Blending is the trick to hiding plenty of vegetables into your slow-cooked tomato sauce which could be used as either sauce for pasta and chili or as ketchup.
  7. When making a mild curry sauce, you can roughly blend in some vegetables. To make it all the more nutritious, also try mixing in some yoghurt.
  8. You can also add in finely grated or blended vegetables such as courgette into your burger patty mixture as well as into your scones.
  9. Finely grated apples can also be added in a wide array of foods such as cakes and cheese on toast.
  10. Having a difficult time creating the perfect carrot cake? The trick is to grate the carrots FINELY and adding some better-tasting fruits such as crushed pineapples or orange zest.
  11. Children who do not like to eat bananas as is can be fed banana cake instead.
  12. Recipes of chocolate cake can become a whole lot healthier if you include pureed beetroot in it.
  13. You can make banana custard by blending in banana in proper custard or custard powder.
  14. Well-blended vegetables in thick soup can become the perfect dip for big chunks of bread.
  15. The difference between commercial ice cream and home-made frozen fruit sorbet? The latter is a whole lot healthier, especially of you add on fresh fruits, orange juice, sugar and water.
  16. Fried vegetables such as courgette can be dipped into cream cheese.
  17. Vegetables such as beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato can be roasted to make chips or crips for your kids.
  18. Hide in similarly-cut parsnips with potato chips. Your kids won’t notice, promise.
  19. Puree vegetables with crème fraiche and use them as dip.
  20. Blend well-cooked carrots into gravy.
  21. To make thick houmous healthier, add in some blended red pepper.
  22. Slice up carrot or cucumber into sticks or different shapes and allow them to dip the veggies in ketchup as a healthy in-between meal snacks.