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Did you Know Dry Packed Noodles?


Do you love dry packed noodles so much that you always have your pantry stocked with them? If your answer is “yes,” you better read on because we have compiled all the reasons why you should think twice in letting these products into your body.

Did you know?

  • Noodles, the easy-cooking kind, are very easy to make but is actually one of the reasons why we experience nutrition deficiency because it interferes with the body’s nutrient absorption.
  • These foods also disrupt the body’s metabolic process due to additives like preservative and dye.
  • It can also weaken our immune system and damage some vital organs, particularly the liver and kidneys, because it contains propylene glycol, an anti-freeze substance to prevent the noodles to dry. This substance is absorbed by the body and accumulates in the liver, kidneys and the heart and leaves these vital organs damaged.
  • It goes without saying that eating instant noodles often can also lead to illnesses born out of unhealthy lifestyle and food choices such as obesity, hypertension, heart attack and even stroke since it is high in sodium (above 1,000 mg) and saturated fat.
  • Instant noodles and flavoring soup base also has high levels of monosodium glutamate or MSG. This ingredient enhances the shrimpy or beefy taste of the noodles artificially. About 1 to 2% of the population have been discovered to be allergic to this substance and experience chest and facial flushing, burning sensations as well as headaches.
  • They are also coated in wax similar to those used in disposable Styrofoam containers which are added so that the noodle strands won’t stick together. This particular substance stays in our body for 3 days after we consume dry packed noodles because our digestive system always have a hard time disposing this kind of waste from the body. That is why experts advise that eating these foods should have at least three days of interval.
  • Aside from that, some substances in the noodles like dioxin and the plasticisers that are absorbed from the noodle’s plastic containers can also cause liver ailments as well as cancer.