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Creative Discipline Ideas for Kids


Disciplining your child can be tough at times especially when you need to think on how it will impact their personality in the long run. Also, some children can get under your skin regardless of how severe the punishment is for their unruly behaviour. If you’re running out of ideas on how to keep your kids in line, here are a few creative ideas that you can use to discipline your children.

  1. A good way to cure your teenager of his or her forgetfulness when it comes to wearing seatbelts is to add one year to their 16th birthday before they can apply for a driving test. This is a tough measure but it is effective in making your teen remember to wear seatbelts when inside a car.
  1. If your child forgets to put away his things like his sports equipment or even his favourite video game, do the task yourself. If he asks where his things are tell him to go find it in the Clutter Jail. Clutter Jail is a good way to teach your kids how to store their stuff on their own.
  1. Children tend to have fits from time to time. However, doing nothing about it or if you give in to their demands will only reinforce this behaviour in them. The best way to curb their fits is to send them to their room and let them continue their fits there and that they should keep on crying for 10 minutes. They’re not allowed to go out unless they’re done with their fit.
  1. Get a can and fill it with strips of paper or tickets where you can write different consequences that you can make your child do when they misbehave. It can be cleaning their room, washing the dishes, help you in the kitchen and so on. This will be your correction can.
  1. Your parents must have told you to “hold your tongue!” when you were a kid. You can use this to discipline your child literally. Have your child stick their tongue out and hold it with two fingers.
  1. If your child becomes too hyper in public, use a code word that will tell your child to stop it without making him feel embarrassed.