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Amazing Tips To Reduce Exam Stress For Kids


Stress from exams can damage their ability to manage problems and create a bad habit of excessive worrying. The best way to prevent this is to help your kids to manage their stress and redirect it to a more positive outlook.

 Here Are Some Amazing Tips to Reduce Exam Stress for Kids.

It’s always stressful if you feel unprepared. Help your kids study and make studying fun. Create a game show type questioning and teach them how to make a reviewer.

  • Help him develop ways to deal with stress. Writing, cleaning, and drawing are some positive ways to fight stress.
  • Talk to their friends and ask them for some advice, ask them about the workloads and how they manage to deal with them.
  • Guide him to the right expectation. Don’t let him/her expect too much and experience disappointment. Let them set a realistic goal.
  • Remind them that you are there for them, if they need a study partner, new school materials and moral support.

Alleviate Exam Stress by:

• Give them a quiet space to study and try to remove any distraction from the room.

•  Let him have breaks, studying for a very long time without breaks can make them less efficient. Prepare them a sandwich and let them eat it before studying again.

• Lighten their load at home, let them rest after school and study instead of doing all of their chores.

• Change the game plan. If their current studying method isn’t working for them, change it. Give them an alternate plan to do to prevent them from cramming at the last minute and panicking.

• Balance it out; don’t let their life revolve around studying. Let them be social, play sports and eat healthy.

• Make sure that they know you are very open to helping them.


On the day of the exam:

  • Check the schedule of the exam and make sure that you can take them to school on time and still give them time to study in school.
  • Check their belongings before school; make sure they have complete materials. Pens, papers, calculator, sharpener and more.
  • Give them a filling and nutritious breakfast. Skipping breakfast can cause them to stress a lot more and lose focus.
  • Make them use the bathroom before the exam. Stress can give a nervous stomach and bladder.
  • Remind them to read the direction and question properly.
  • Tell him/her to take it easy. Take their time in answering the question and prevent them from hurrying.
  • Take on easy question and first, before hard ones. This will save you time and stress.
  • When everything is done, don’t let them stew in misery or regret of their exam mistakes. Take them out and distract after a grueling exam.

Instead of letting them get stressed out from failing because you’ll be mad, create positive reinforcement. Tell them you’ll buy them ice cream or go out to their favorite restaurant if they get a good grade.









Source: kidspot


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