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ABC’s of Safety


ABC’s of Safety


A is for ALERT.
Keep your eyes looking and your ears hearing or you might get hurt.

B is for BEWARE.
If something goes wrong. You should get out of there.

C is for Caution.
Be careful around people is the only way option.

D is for DANGER.
A person that can cause you harm isn’t always a stranger.

E is for ESCAPE.
Run as fast as you can before it’s too late.

F is for FEAR.
It is okay to be afraid when trouble comes near.

G is for GUT.
Your gut has strong feelings that you should always trust.

H is for HELP.
Do not be afraid to ask for help. Offer to help others if they need help too.

I is for INTERNET.
It is fun to learn on the net but play it safe when on the net. Being safe is better than being sorry. On this you can bet.

Good judgement is good thinking. It is needed to keep yourself safe.

K is for KICK.
Do whatever you can to get you safety. That is the trick.

L is for LISTEN.
Listening is the best way to learn.

M is for MOVE.
Use you senses when it is time to get away from danger. Move away from danger. Move to a safe place.

N is for NO.
If someone doesn’t respect when you say no, then it’s time to go.

O is for OBSERVE.
Look around where your playing first to make sure it is safe.

P is for Police.
They are the once who you should call when you’re in trouble.

Q is for QUIT.
The police will come quickly when you call them.

R is for RUN.
Run to someone you trust became scary.

S is for SECRET.
Don’t keep a secret from your parents. Always tell to trusted adult.

T is for TOUCH.
Someone touching you when they shouldn’t is really too much.

Think safe is something you should know. Being safe is the only way they go.

V is for VERIFY.
Verify means check out what you’re told. A password that only you and you’re parents know,  that is good as double.

W is for WALK.
Walk away from trouble. Walk away on the double.

X is for X-RAY.
X-ray the situation before you act. Size up the situation and get away.

Y is for YELL.
Yell if there is trouble. Yell and then go tell.

Z is for ZANY.
Being a kid allows you to play. Have fun and be Zany.


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