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20 Brain Boosting Activities for Babies


Here are 20 things that can help boost your baby’s brain:


  1. Your baby’s wellness starts before his or her birth. While pregnant, eat a well-balanced meal, have sufficient exercise, and embrace a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Respond verbally to your baby in a delighted way. This kind of talk is referred to as “parentese” and it’s something vital for speech and language development.
  1. Play with your baby with basic sequential games that involve the hands such as patty cake and peek-a-boo.
  1. Make a reaction each time your baby points to an object. Doing this allows your child to know that his or her interests matter to you.
  1. Introduce your baby to books early, in particular those with large and colorful words and pictures. Make every book-reading session as interactive as possible.
  1. Experts say that touching your baby helps in the normal growth and development of the brain. Take advantage of every opportunity to stroke your baby’s hair, tummy or arms.
  1. Allow your baby to play with toys such as stackable blocks or a windup jack-in-the-box. These playthings allow a child to learn about the concept of cause and effect.
  1. Promptly respond when your little one cries. Whether you hum a song or swing him in your arms, a calming respond allows your baby to feel protected.
  1. Always pay attention. It’s likelier for your child to take more interest in learning and discovery when you’re there.
  1. Gently massage your baby to let him or her muster feelings of security and well-being.
  1. Allow your child to partake in cleanup moments. It can be as simple as instructing him or her to put toys in their proper places as well as to organize them according to size, color, type, etc.
  1. Provide your little bundle of joy with a safe environment to explore, resulting in spatial learning as well as a comfy relationship with the surroundings.
  1. Sing songs that engage some hand gestures such as “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Doing so enables your child to incorporate sounds, rhyme and language patterns with motor actions.
  1. Match your baby’s temperament and allow him or her to gradually enjoy an increase in self-confidence.
  1. Say the name of the food aloud and remember to compliment your baby during feeding times to confirm that the moment is a positive one.
  1. Consistently respond to the actions of your baby to help him or her have a greater sense of the world around.
  1. Discipline your little one appropriately. If rules are broken, go down to his or her eye level and restate them using a serious voice tone. Never shame or frighten a child when showing the consequences of certain actions.
  1. Teach a child about empathy by discussing sadness, caring, kindness, sharing and others by making clear examples out situations encountered.
  1. Give your child some sensory experiences by allowing him or her to play with sand, water, pebbles and others.
  1. Show that you take interest in him or her. Wide eyes, delighted voice tone, exaggerated body language — all of them can be translated as love and attention.




Source: scholastic


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