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10 Tips for First-Time Dad


For first time fathers, guess what studies have discovered to be the greatest way, not only to strengthen your marriage, but to bond with your baby too? Change your baby’s diaper.

Yes, becoming a first time father is a scary thing that is why the list below is for you. Following these tips can help you, your marriage, as well as your baby.

  1. Eye contact.

 It’s been known for a long time that babies are drawn to the face but thanks to studies that were enhanced using computer, it is actually the eyes that babies look into. You should remember, however, that babies can only see a foot from them so lean close, smile, and don’t forget to look them in the eyes.


  1. Infants love motion.


Babies crave, need, and love movement and are thoroughly enjoyed when they are jiggled, bounced, hugged, or even held. One reason behind this is movement trains every single part of their body, from their brain all the way to their balance. As you hold your baby, make sure that you’re not holding them too loosely or too tight. Be brave enough to sway, cuddle, hold, and bounce your baby to know what kind of movement they like best. This way, you will know how to soothe them when needed.


  1. Set a play date with the baby.

It may be that your work starts later in the afternoon or your wife has her own girls’ night out every Friday. Whatever the reason may be, set a time where you can be the only parent to tend your baby. If the mother is in the same room as you, the baby will mostly prefer her tender love and care over yours. This is why it is important that you understand what your relationship with your infant will be by being the only person to care for him or her even for just a day.


  1. Stick to your promise.

As your baby starts to grow and your family continues to develop, one thing you need to keep in mind is to keep your promises all the time. It may be that you promised to be home by 6 so make sure that you’re home by then. This helps strengthen the backbone of your relationship with your wife and child. If you’re often reneging on your promise, insecurity in your child can occur which is something you should avoid. It’s better to give one promise and keep it as opposed to giving several and only doing some.


  1. Always love.

The love in mammals is an intricate interaction of behaviour and biochemistry. Mammals are actually unique since they are the only ones that have this kind of feeling in the animal kingdom. For example, reptiles tend to devour their young. Mammals, on the other hand, are designed to care and love one another. There is no doubt that when it comes to caring and loving their young ones, mothers are more experienced than fathers, but this emotion can be honed by fathers. Neuroscientists have discovered that when babies and fathers interact, the limbic systems, or the one that controls emotions, are enhanced. What this means is that you and your child will be more attuned to one another as time goes on.


  1. Tolerance and Time.

As a father, it is of the utmost importance that you spend time with your little one. Although studies about fatherhood are still in their infancy, scientists have already discovered that the more time fathers spent with their babies, the better. In the early years of the study, researchers weren’t able to find enough fathers who spend time with their babies for them to study. In short, fathers weren’t spending sufficient amount of time with their offsprings hence it was difficult to determine its impact. Today, however, it is known that the amount fathers give to their infants is important.

You also need to have some tolerance for yourself and your baby as you continue to know one another. This is your baby’s first time to live and it is also your first time as a father. Be gentle and kind with yourself. Allow the both of you to learn, experiment, and to tolerate one another. Growing into the role as a dad will take some time.


  1. Repetitive Sounds.

The usual sounds that babies first make are the bilabials or repetitive sounds such as ma-ma, pa-pa, ba-ba. These are pretty simple as they can be made by pressing the lips together and air is pushed in between. They are actually easy for babies and can help them develop their language as well as get feedback from those around them. The best way to strengthen this is to repeat the sounds they make back to them. For sure, you will have your own bilabial chorus in no time.


  1. Change diapers.

 Researchers have discovered that fathers who shared diaper duty are actually making their marriage stronger. Learning how to change diapers is a good way for you to score some points with your baby as well as your wife and minimize any friction between you and your wife.

It’s good to have some time alone with your baby but teamwork is also important to cultivate in your household. You need to keep in mind that you and your wife are a team with different set of skills. For example, while your wife is out, you can handle breastfeeding for a while using the pumped milk stored in bottles. Of course, you should know when to hand in your baby to the original source of milk as your baby can sense when she’s nearby. You should change according to the needs of your baby so you will have a family that is well balanced.


  1. Always Respond.

 Whatever your baby does to make a connection with you, regardless of whether they cry, reach out to you, and so on, you need to respond. Show them that you appreciate whatever effort they’re exerting. Based on studies conducted, fathers that respond constantly to their baby’s needs helped boost their ability to communicate. This does make sense. After all, if someone responds to you, you’ll give more effort to make your line of communication clearer.