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10 Tips for Easy School Mornings


School mornings can be usually tough especially if you’re unprepared. That is why it is best if you set a particular time on the eve of a school day to prepare everything you and your child would need for a busy school morning. You would also need to follow these tips if you wish to survive being a parent to a schooling kid without any hassle.

TIP #1: Prepare Clothes, Uniforms, Socks, Shoes and Other Accessories

While you’re at it, lay out YOUR own clothes too! That way, everyone can wake up and stumble into clean clothes before reaching full mental alertness.


TIP #2: Packed Lunch

Another difficult thing to prepare when you are still groggy is food that is why, we advise that you prepare them the night before so that you won’t have to be rushing all over your kitchen very early in the morning. But if you or your child do not prefer packed lunches, make sure your kid has his money card or that you have already given purchase details to the school cafeteria so that your kids’ learning won’t be hindered by an empty stomach.


TIP #3: Backpacks and Other School Items

Aside from being ready for the school day ahead, you can also be prepared for any surprises that may come due to a forgetful child such as an announced project or homework he unfortunately forgot to mention upon getting home from school yesterday. This is also best for moms who have prep-school kids who are much too young to understand or read instructions written to their notebooks.


TIP #4: Make a Daily Breakfast Plan for the Week

Planning ahead makes things easier especially when it comes to what to feed your family during the most important meal of the day. According to experts, the brain needs glucose to function properly especially to store data, especially for learning children. The food doesn’t have to be complicated, just balanced. You can try mixing up pancakes or waffles with fruits as well as eggs with sausages and sandwiches.


TIP #5: Set At Least TWO Alarm Clocks


While adjusting the children—and your self—to a new wake time after the summer vacation, remember to set two or three alarms. This is to help the body gradually adjust to the earlier wake up call. Also, the odds at having NO ALARM sounding off are reduced dramatically.


TIP #6: Ready Yourself FIRST

Try readying and getting dressed yourself first before anybody else and you’ll surely make a wonderful start of the day. Mothers tend to overlook themselves when preparing and taking care of their children, husbands and even their pets that they feel more stressed afterwards.


TIP #7: Make Time for Coffee or Extra Hugs

In short, leave spare time beyond what you expect. When you follow this tip, you would surely be able the next big advise we want to give you.


TIP #8: Relax

That is basically what every mother needs to do. Whenever you forget to bring a permission slip, or your child’s lunch, someone will surely be kind enough to understand or to share his or her lunch to your child.


TIP #9:  Make a To-Do List

Everything else will not fail if you have a to-do list where you can refer to. Include all the things you and your children would need, as well as all the other things we included in this list to your to-do list and you would surely be always prepared for anything.


TIP #10: Put that List Where it Can Easily be See

Your to-do list will not be effective if you were not able to see it so better put it somewhere obvious so you or your husband can see it.






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